Friday, July 23, 2010

Puppy Food for Irish Wolfhounds

My breeder strongly suggested we use Wysong Growth (natural, holistic pet food) for our Irish Wolfhound puppy (it has the lowest rate of calcium), and we have done this. We trust her judgement. After all, it should be the breeder who knows the most about the breed, otherwise, why would you buy your dog from them?

I found the Laloba Hounds five years ago, in my search for a Ballykelly dog, and appreciated their emphasis on longevity and quality of life for their IWs. They have, I believe, nine of their own who share their home. That's love!

Also, you can just tell by talking to a breeder--their love of the hounds should come out loud and clear. In our case, I had no doubt I was dealing with the biggest fan of IWs I'd ever find--a real mother to the breed as a whole. My puppy came home to me with a large three-ring binder she'd compiled herself--pack-full of everything from nutrition to training to history and IW literature.

In all her research and hands-on experience, she found that limiting the calcium intake for growing Irish Wolfhounds is essential. It leads to more managed growth and less long-term joint and bone problems.

I'm impressed with Wysong. It comes in three vacuum sealed packages per box (keeps it fresh), the price was fair, and the list of ingredients is impressive (brown rice, kelp, rosemary, can see some more in the picture of the ingredients above).

It is, however, hard to get in some areas, but easy to order. You can order it on the web at places like or from many local pet food stores, and it seems to arrive quickly.

In Spokane, I use the store Pet Vittles. I LOVE that store. In fact, I want to blog about it in an upcoming post. If you have a special dog like an Irish Wolfhound, you need to find your special store--one where you can get what you want and the owners come to the table with knowledge and experience of their own and are willing to take time with you to share that experience and knowledge. They also have really cool collars and supplies--like the Up Country collection!! You'll get addicted to their pet collars and start a new hobby!! They are such high quality, beautiful, unusual collars. I'll have to blog a special post about them soon, too. The store carries them at cheaper prices than you'll find on the company's site.

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