Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 Month Old Irish Wolfhound

It seems that the fourth month has seen a major increase in size and a corresponding increase in appetite of my IW.

She's still a baby, but because she's the size of most large dogs (or taller) she appears to be in an adult body. I think people expect more of her even though they know she's four months.

For the most part she's perfect--of course! However, there is one thing she needs to work on that has only recently started--not jumping on people. She gets so excited to see people she knows, she just wants to be right up there near their faces--and those huge paws and sharp claws (which she doesn't know she has) are enough to knock people over. Big no-no.

On the bright side, she hasn't had an accident in the house for weeks and she rarely chews on anything she shouldn't. More and more, she's able to be in the house unsupervised. Although, I'm referring to very short periods here.

She appears to have lost some of her front baby teeth, but not her canines. She still sleeps a lot. She hasn't shown any kind of aggression or protectiveness.

She was born March 16th and today is July 22--so she is just barely into her fourth month.

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