Friday, September 21, 2012

Riagan, Our Irish Wolfhound, at 2 Years Old

A few days ago we did our annual Mt. Spokane photo shoot with our girls--Riagan (2) and Maggie (6).  We hadn't actually planned for it to be a photo shoot, but it seems that every year we hike up there at least once and get the most amazing shots together.

Riagan's grandpa is now almost 12 years old. He's still running strong! The Ballykelly dog I grew up with, Mish, lived past 10.  I'm thrilled Riagan's line has such longevity. She's only two now, but I hope to have many more years together.  They say the average wolfhound age is 6.5?  That's just too short.  Riagan has the genetics and she's smart--thinks ahead a few steps...a quality that adds to the longevity. 

She is a beautiful wheaten wolfhound, that's for sure.  She looks wonderful in the pictures and she wasn't even groomed beforehand. Her last bath was so long ago, it would be embarassing to even say.

I love this next picture because it captures how small we are in the scheme of things.  Our time together is so short--even she lives a long wolfhound life.