Friday, July 9, 2010

An Irish Wolfhound Puppy For Us

This blog is dedicated to every Irish Wolfhound who ever loved a family--but more specifically--it's dedicated to Mish--the Irish Wolfhound who loved us.

Because of Mish, I come from a whole family of Irish Wolfhound lovers, and have personally dreamed of one day being able to raise another. This Spring, my wish came true.

After thirty years, I finally have another Wolfhound!

And, OH, does she bring back GREAT memories. There's nothing like the look, the walk, the paws, the sound of the paws, the mind, of an Irish Wolfhound. After being away from the breed for so long--only seeing two others in thirty years--it was like a homecoming, of sorts, for me. Lots and lots of memories of Mish just came flooding back. It's GOOD to have memories like that brought back up to the surface. After all, she did bless our family with her love and protection for ten years--ten of my most formative ones.

We have another wonderful dog, Maggie our Lab, who is helping us raise our new IW puppy we named Riagan. Maggie is a mind-reader--a servant--a natural Omega in the best sense of the word. She has taken Riagan in like she's her own pup.

The one hallmark of this month with Riagan, in the spirit of learning about this breed, is their sensitivity. The breeder, an avid IW lover, really stressed this, but living with a wolfhound is the only sure proof. They are NOT a dog for heavy hands. They are mature beyond their months of life--so little time in the world, but so much instant maturity. Riagan plays, yes, but she also spends a good deal of time sitting at our side watching the road, or the birds, or the sunset.

I've wondered aloud to my husband, as we watch her watching, if their quick maturity has something to do with their short lifespans--as if nature moves them along in everything more rapidly. I don't know if the two are connected, but what is certain is their short lifespans. We were lucky to have ten years with Mish. Some of Riagan's relatives have surpassed ten years, and we have high hopes for her own longevity, but the breed, as a whole, lives far too short.

So, my first month with my new baby has shown me, most of all, that the Irish Wolfhound is a quickly maturing, extremely willing, partner. They WANT to become part of the family. They want to be at your side at all times. They want to know they are home--forever.

Meet our baby, Riagan in her 3rd-4th month of life. (DOB: 3/16/10)

First Night:

3rd day here:

A couple weeks later:

And, a month after arriving (almost 4 months old and an inch higher than Maggie at the back now)

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