Friday, February 25, 2011

Irish Wolfhound and Mustang Play

Here's a very short video of our Irish Wolfhound, Riagan, playing with our Mustang, Beautiful Girl. They're buddies and Beautiful lets her get away with a lot. Most dogs would get kicked if they took the liberties Riagan does.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walking Riagan & XXXL Dog Bed

I didn't realize the hole in my dog training until we took Riagan out this weekend. The temps hit 50 with sunshine, and everyone was out for a stroll. When we walked the same place in colder weather, there was no one to be seen.

But this was a good thing--an opportunity to teach her to walk on and not jump out to say hello to every dog and human that passed. Was it easy? No. She's so strong, it's really hard to keep her back. By the end of the walk, she was much better. She was on my right side, and she would cut to the left a bit where the walkers were, but only slightly.

Did I mention before that she has a bursa on her right elbow? Wolfhounds are lanky, boney dogs, and there's a reason why her breeders suggested a comfy, elevated bed other than just wanting their dogs spoiled.

Apparently, if their boney joints lay on hard surfaces, bursas can form--these large, fluid-filled sacs that help protect the joint. They're unsightly, but not painful. Hers has been there for at least two weeks now, with no sign of going away. I think she developed it from laying on the concrete garage floor on a day we had to leave town, and we put the dogs in there to be safe. We put their beds in the garage, too, but she's so big, she sometimes lays half off it. I need to order the extra, extra large bed for her.

I found this one on Amazon--apparently, sold out. It received 5 stars from almost everyone who bought it, and many of those people own Great Danes. I put it on my wishlist.


2 layer of fabric cover : Inner layer water resist Taffeta fabric zipper cover with strong industrial stitch to secure the stuffing. The bed also comes with our durable zipper jean denim fabric cover (outside layer) for easy cleaning and maintain. BEST material for best comfort and long lasting. Extra replacement cover is available at my other listing for combine shipping discount.

The bed is over stuff with top quality shredded memory foam for ultimate comfort and support. Mixed with 100% new premium fiber-fil and new shredded polyurathane foam for maximum resiliency and loft. Our new shredded mixed foam comes with multi color and density to achieve the best comfort and support in balance.

DogBed4Less bed product is 3-5 times weight more than other bed sold in retailer and a lot more practical compare to others because of our premium foam stuffing and re-useable durable fabric. Why spend more money to replace the poly-fill bed regularly while you can get a luxury comfort foam bed that your dog will love and last longer with easy maintain? Additional replacement cover, more sizes or memory foam pad bed are available by clicking at dogbed4less link on the top next to the title.

The external zipper fabric cover is luxury Durable 10 oz jean denim with dark blue color (58"X50"), re-usable many many times and machine washable/dryable. The listing size is for the cover size only, the actual size of the bed will be slightly smaller due to thickness of memory pillow. Only internal cover is water resist which able to temporary block the water. The same denim fabric is sold for $9.99 to $19.99 for 1 yard in the big retailer store like Joann, This 58"X50" denim cover will need 4 yard of fabric that will cost $40++ just the fabric alone.

Our best thick combination foam stuffing be able to support your pet up to 180 lbs and will not flat overtime unlike others poly-fill bed. Great for multiple dogs or large dog. This product arrives very tightly packed with reusable vacuum storage bag. Please unwrap and allow 48 hours for this product to return to its original shape. We charge less shipping and handling fees from our customer compare to the actual Fedex shipping cost due to the higher weight of our materials. (about 20 lbs each).