Monday, December 13, 2010

Irish Wolfhound Track

This is Riagan's imprint (track) at 9 months. A dog track and a cat track are not much different, but a dog's two front toes (lead toes) are usually straight across, whereas, a cat will lead out with the third toe of the foot it's placing down. Also, you can usually see the claw on the dog's track--but not usually on the cat's.

Dog Track:

Cat Track:


  1. Gosh, I love Irish Wolfhounds! We had one as a neighbour when I was a teenager; one of the nicest dogs ever! We had four dogs at the time, the Irish would just walk into our house (he would just follow everyone else in!), and hang out! :-) Great dogs!

  2. Wolfie--they are nice dogs. It's good to hear your story. Thanks!

  3. That's true about the tracks and I found some mountain lion ones about 10 miles from the horse ranch a couple of weeks ago. They were in the dried mud and I went back this weekend and measured them. Yup. Mountain lion. 3 1/2 inches down and 4 inches wide. I posted pics on my Deep Canyon blog: if you wish to read about them! I documented them and photographed them and then measured them! Oh, and the cat prints show more of the fleshy part,too, than dog prints! I'm learning how to read tracks in the sand! (my new hobby!)

  4. By the way, I LOVE reading about your wolfhounds! Hubby has always wanted one!

  5. Cheryl Ann--that's cool that you're studying tracks. I got my grandson a book on tracks one time, and they loved it.

    Does your husband still want an Irish Wolfhound?