Thursday, July 28, 2011

Help! My IW Doesn't Like Dog Food

Got a little problem. Riagan doesn't like dog food. She won't eat it. She'd rather starve than eat it. She will eat canned dogs foods like Alpo with sliced sirloin, but she'd really prefer people food.

Let's see...salmon, hamburgers, bagels, bacon, toast, eggs, pretty much anything we like. As a general rule, if we like it, she does. If we don't like it, she won't. (Except the Alpo example, but that does look pretty good, too.)

What should I do? Does this mean I need to add another plate at the dinner table?


  1. Hi Linda! Our dogs always get steamed veggies with their kibble - whatever stalks are left over from the cauliflower, broccoli, diced carrots and once a week I scramble an egg for them and mix it with their kibble. Of course, their dinner is being cooked the same time ours is so I guess they think we are all getting the same stuff. ;-)

    My sister has a delicious recipe that she uses for her hounds. I actually posted the recipe. Check it out:

    It's tasty and healthy and is sort of human food. It smells deeee-vine! I am thinking that Riagan won't be turning up her nose at this. :-) Good luck!

  2. Thanks, wolfie--I'll try that recipe!