Thursday, March 24, 2011

Riagan Chases Her First Coyote

Riagan and Maggie sleeping together--she looks so much smaller like that.

Yesterday was the first day Riagan chased a coyote off our property. Yay, Riagan!! She didn't seem to want to hurt it, because she could have easily caught it, but instead ran behind and made sure it left the pastures.

Maybe this means our barn kitties will survive.


  1. Cute pic! Pretty sure the spooning would work better witht the big spoon in the back though ;)

  2. I am a wildlife advocate and coyotes are one of my favourite animals for a variety of reasons. Coyotes are extremely smart and because they now live in such close proximity to humans due to urban sprawl, they have become accustomed to us. What Riagan did was a good thing! Coyotes need to be re-educated to fear humans and understand that there are boundaries that should not be crossed so that everyone can co-exist peacefully. Believe it or not, but re-educated coyotes will actually teach their young to fear humans. Cool, eh? Good work, Riagan!

  3. Wolfie--That's very interesting because since Riagan did that, I haven't seen coyotes back on our property. Could they actually spread the word? I would LOVE it if the coyotes learned to avoid our property and stop killing our cats.

    Thanks, RHR--and I think you're right!

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