Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wolfhounds Love Kitties

Don't wake the sleeping Giant! She's only six months, but watch out when she's full grown. Note to coyotes: avoid our property!

We have a Wolfhound who loves her Kitty Sisters. Here she is running with her puppy sister, Maggie, to the barn to see the rest of her family.

Kitty: What big paws you have...

Wolfhound: All the better to pet you with.

Kitty: What a big nose you have...

Wolfhound: All the better to tickle you with.

Kitty: What a long tail you have....

Wolfhound: All the better for you to chase and play with...

Kitty: My, what big jaws you have.

Wolfhound: All the better to kiss you with.

Note to Coyotes: Wolfhounds love kitties.


  1. I've been looking at your mustang blog for postings about Riagan, but failed to look here. Silly me! Your dad and I have really enjoyed these and love how she is growing. I'm sooo glad she love kitties, too. But why wouldn't she? Her heart is so pure and gentle. We can't wait to see her again. We will probably come up after your company has left. Let us know when.

  2. Our company already left...wonderful visit, but they have a lot on their plate with moving, and needed to get on the road again. You guys are always welcome to come up and see Riagan. It's been a while, and she has definitely grown a lot.

  3. Becka and I will probably come up there on Tuesday. Can't wait to see Riagan.